Monday, August 28, 2006

Heli (right) and Olle
The Old Town, Tallinn

Heli: „I like feminine clothes – heels and skirts make women look much better. I wear clothes that make me look good not what is trendy. For the last three years I have bought all my clothes from abroad, what I guess has become rather common with young people.“
Olle: „Although it would be nice to say that it is all about feeling comfortable, but reality is that I wouldn’t wear something that is comfortable, but looks bad. I used to buy clothes only from Estonian designers and brands like Monton, but now it isn’t so important anymore. I do not know if I could call Karl Lagerfeld my style idol, but I think he dresses really good and I sometimes get ideas from him, for example last winter I spent a while searching for a similar coat to what he had worn. “

Viru street, Tallinn

„I think the texture and shape of clothes is much more important than the colour. Colour should help to improve the shape not be the main thing. I really like Tilda Swinton’s style, but my own style is a mixture of this and that. I like to combine new things with some more unique vintage pieces.“

Prudence (left) and Tom
Viru street, Tallinn

Prudence: „We both come from Australia and have been travelling for a while now. I think in many ways my life and style has been influenced by Vivienne Westwood. I like to think that my style is different from the maistream looks. If I had to choose my favourite colour combination it would be orange and black - they just look so good together.“
Tom: „My number one fashion item is a black t-shirt. Music is my inspiration in everything I do, therefore my appearance also depends on what I listened before I got dressed. I think Prudence’s style is a mix of everything, lately she has been more into 80’s. We get most of our clothes from army disposal or charity shops. I like to buy t-shirts from concerts I go to.“


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