Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tammsaare’s Park, Tallinn

„I always try to avoid mainstream style and trends. In Estonia it is kind of difficult and therefore I tend to buy most of my clothes abroad and from vintage shops. I like to have clothes that no-one else has. Still I have to admit that I like reading fashion magazines like I-D and Vogue.“

Miia(right) and Olli
Town Hall Square, Tallinn

„I think we both have a preppy style. As you can see we really like shopping in Lacoste. We do not prefer high street or designer stores, but we like to mix both. (Miia) For new ideas I like to read Finnish magazines like Gloria and Trendi.(Olli) I don’t think my appearance reflects what I like, for example in music I really like rap music, but this doen’t mean I dress like a rapper.“

Viru street, Tallinn

„I really like hippie style, but sometimes I experiment with other styles also. I love looking old photographs and pictures. You can get so many ideas from them and they are also very emotional. I think celebrities’ styles are often too overrated and most of the people dress way better.


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