Saturday, September 02, 2006

Tanel (left), Raili & Raili’s roommate (right)
1öö%, Club Von Krahl, Tallinn

Raili: „ Today I am wearing a dress by my roomie, which I think suits me better. Actually, I think very many clothes I wear come from my roommate’s wardrobe. I am studying jewellery design though my current outfit doesn’t reflect that.“
Tanel: „Usually my style is just about being and wearing something eclectic. Today, as Raili insists, my style is a little bit ’Brokeback Mountain’, but not on purpose, just happened like that. How sad it may even sound, but unfortunately only decent place for shopping here, except vintage and so on, is the Viru centre, but for more unique pieces I like to go abroad. If I go shopping I Don’ Try to find something really striking, but something that really reflects me.“

1öö%, Club Von Krahl, Tallinn

„My style at the moment is „free and single“ in everything- lifestyle, fashion, partying...I try to change once in a while. Stories behind my clothes are too long and complicated to tell here, but well basically I get them from here and there and mainly from people I know or second hand shops. I think this is what basically most of the young people do.“

1öö%, Club Von Krahl, Tallinn

„For the past 7 years I have been living in Paris and I am studying Art for my Master degree. I think people here in Tallinn and in Paris are very different. I like to come here and feel free and wear whatever I like, while in Paris most of the people are really conservative in everything, therefore I like it better here. Today all my clothes come from flea markets.“

1öö%, Club Von Krahl, Tallinn

„I am a hairdresser and therefore I like to experiment with my hair. I wouldn’t say I choose my clothes based on my hair, but, well, it is pretty important. I buy whatever clothes I like (or at least think I like) and with me it really depends on my mood while shopping. This is why my wardrobe can vary from second hand finds from Haapsalu to exclusive pieces from different fashion capitals. Today I feel really playful- my skirt comes from Prague, slip-ons from Amsterdam, one top is from Tallinn’s Central market and so on and on, but I really do not care where I get my clothes. I get inspired by my friends - they are as colourful and crazy as I am- oh, and by my dresses.“


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