Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Doris & Luca,
Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

Doris likes to wear more feminine clothes, while Luca’s style is more retro than feminine. We read fashion magazines for ideas. There aren’t many Estonian ones, but out of those we read Cosmopolitan. Overall, Estonians are quite fashion-conscious, but there aren’t many very interesting and original people.

Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

I hate the thought of trying to look sexy. This is really not important to me. I want my style to be feminine, yet powerful and radical and combined with childlike shapes and details. I think Audrey Hepburn had a remarkable style-sense.

Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

Usually I wear sweats, but today I thought there is a party and I should wear something nice, well not exactly, but I am not sure what affects me. Today I wasn’t sure if I wanted to wear this shirt or this dress and in the end I decided to wear both.

Eva ,
Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

Weird thing is that I absolutely love colours, but I always end up wearing black and grey. My ultimate favourite fashion houses are Chanel and Balenciaga, but since their clothes are pretty unreachable in Estonia I have my clothes done especially to me or I shop at vintage stores.

Jana-Liisa ,
Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

Very important aspect of fashion is feeling comfortable. I get many ideas from internet but also from Estonian designers. For example today I wear nautical clothes inspired by one of the last year Supernoova’s contestant.

Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

Essential part of my wardrobe are different dresses. I like them in every shape, in every pattern and colour. I think Estonians should be braver with their style choices. You cannot go wrong if you know what looks nice on you.


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