Saturday, April 07, 2007

Pire, Helen and Helmi
Viru str, Tallinn

Helmi: I love the 20’s style, unfortunately I don’t have many opportunities to wear that. I think we all like art and this probably affects our styles also.Very cool designer is Vivienne Westwood.
Helen: At the moment I like the 80’s. There were so many quirky styles and clothes back then. I also dig Vanilla Ice and other rappers, they are pretty cool.
Pire: Good thing about streetstyle is that it mixes so many different subcultures.This makes it so unique. I think Orient as a whole is very inspiring. There are some cool designers who take kimonos and make them into actually wearable dresses.


Blogger Berenice said...

vivienne westwood is amazing. i came out in one of the vivienne westwood runways not so long ago. sadly i missed the de young exhibition. bummer.

22 May, 2007 22:05  

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