Friday, April 13, 2007

Tammsaare’s Park

Couple of years ago I used to buy a lot from second-hand shops, but now it has become a cliché. I also now think it is worth investing in more expensive clothes and accessories. I try not to follow anyone’s style. Obvious is that you get ideas from fashion magazines, but travelling is also one thing that really affects my style.

Viru Centre, Tallinn

I think Estonian street style is becoming more and more like it is in Europe and this is, of course, positive. I personally think of my style as Britpop. I frequently read GQ for ideas and I admire Jude Law’s style.

Viru str, Tallinn

My style is pretty and child-like. I like flowers and wearing colourful clothes, especially red. Music plays quite large role in my style. I think bands like Bat For Lashes and The Knife are very inspiring Most of my clothes come from charity shops in England.

Viru str, Tallinn

My style is entirely inspired by music and films, for example “Lords of Dogtown”. I get my clothes from here and there, but nowhere special. I think Estonian street style is really OK. In other countries there are too many fashion victims.

Viru str, Tallinn

As I work as a stylist I really like mixing high street with high fashion. Never buy a complete outfit from a shop, because it is so dull and so obvious. In Estonia many tend to do that with clothes from Zara. I really admire Kate Moss for looking cool in everything. She makes even wellies look like haute couture.

Tammsaare’s Park, Tallinn

I like browsing different style blogs, because you can get so many ideas from there. I also read fashion magazines like Vogue and Elle, but I make my own clothes. In spring I want to wear colours like green, red and pink. In winter like many other Estonians, I went through a dark phase.

Kaubamaja, Tallinn

As I have been involved in fashion business, I see people as walking “pieces of art”. At the moment I am pregnant and my style is strongly influenced by feeling comfortable, yet looking colourful and happy. I admire Anu Samarüütel’s and Jennifer Lopez’ style.

Viru str, Tallinn

I don’t care what is ‘in’ this season or next- I want to develop my own personal look. Now and then I flip through fashion magazines, but just for ideas and details. I usually shop in second-hands and I feel as I am influenced by Jimi Hendrix’ style.

Tammsaare’s Park, Tallinn

My style is very very positive. I buy most of clothes from Estonia and I really like Fornarina. I buy only these clothes I really desire. It is not worth buying something just for buying – you really have to want them. I love Gwen Stefani's style.


Blogger Hanna said...

Right back at you!

13 April, 2007 20:53  
Blogger Risto said...

Lahe seeria :)

18 April, 2007 12:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zenja on ikka tasemel nagu ikka!:)

19 April, 2007 02:27  
Blogger Candid Cool said...

Really into andreas' style: cool jacket, shades, & hair.

And Ebe, such a fabulous yellow coat!

22 April, 2007 04:44  
Blogger Arsh said...

loving the canary yellow trench

23 April, 2007 12:19  
Blogger klara said...

Oh this is such a faboulus blog!
Is there anyone that lives in Tallin, or now alot about the shopping and clubbing in the town? I might go there over the weekend, and really need some advice about what to do and where to shop!

23 April, 2007 15:01  

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