Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Viru Gates

„People have a better style if they trust themselves and wear clothes accordingly to their inner feeling. I am studying fashion myself so I think it plays an important part in my life. My favourite designer is John Galliano, I wouldn’t call him an idol, but I respect him a lot.
I have not lived into Estonian rhythm of life yet, because I just came back from London. My favourite place there for shopping is Portobello, in Tallinn I like Paavli Street’s second hand. People here and in London are so different. In London you can wear anything – at mid-day go out with theatrical outfits and make up and no-one cares - but in Tallinn everybody would start staring and commenting. Estonians are much more judgmental. In a way it might be a good thing- way easier to get some attention.”

The Viru Centre

„My life involves quite a lot of travelling inside and outside Estonia, therefore I tend to wear very practical clothes with a good quality. I am also really into clothes with hidden ’treasures’ – overall look might be really basic, but if you look closer you find new interesting details from here and there. This is much more interesting than wearing a lot of patterns and accessories and in the end looking like a mess. Most of my clothes come from abroad, but in Estonia I shop in Hilfiger, S.Olivier or Zara. „


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