Thursday, March 22, 2007

Melon, Tallinn

I like clothes that are stylish and have good cuts. It is important that menswear would have a great quality too. I like the recent trend of skinny jeans on men. I can't understand men, who don't pay attention on what they are wearing, e.g. you can see men in suits wearing sneakers.

Viru Str, Tallinn

I like splashes of colour. This spring I really like green and these colours I have on my scarf. When I was younger I spent more time on choosing my clothes, but now when I am working, I have less time to spend on fashion

Kristin ,
Coca-Cola Plaza, Tallinn

My style is bohemian-punk and largely affected by my group of friends. I like shopping in small shops in the Old Town. I draw sketches of clothes I’d like to have and then try to find something similar.


Blogger Candid Cool said...

i think the guy looks great, especially love his bag.

the green polka dot jacket is cute too

25 March, 2007 23:12  
Blogger eksu said...

Ja rohelisemummuline jakk sobib antud isikule ja l2kil2ki ja kott meessoost isikul on super

08 June, 2007 00:54  

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