Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Viru kael , Tallinn

"We like feminine clothes with a twist. It can be a small detail that makes the whole outfit look good. We also try to use some colour. Most of the Estonians wear only black, but it is way nicer to see some colour."

Viru str, Tallinn

"I am not feeling very well, so today I just want to feel comfortable. Well, this autumn/winter I am really into riding clothes and boots and I like brown colours. You can get awesome ideas from Estonian magazines, but also from foreign ones."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the second girl's equestrian look.

30 December, 2006 23:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like the naval jacket on the blonde girl, and the 2nd girl's white jeans and boots are magnificent!

02 January, 2007 16:00  
Blogger Ateava said...

1st 2 girls=cuties.

03 January, 2007 21:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11 January, 2007 00:23  

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