Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

I like to travel and when I do that, I see different street styles that are very inspiring. My recent trip was to Tokyo. I like that people there are very androgynous. My favourite label is Cheap Monday from Sweden, but I also like Vivienne Westwood.

Eva-Maria & Kärt,
Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

Kärt is wearing one of my designs for tonight. My street style and my collection could be described as well done copying. All the ideas in the world have been used, but good designers can combine old things and make something completely new out of it.

Mariana & Kirill,
Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

Our everyday style is everything our label MAKI represents. We love colourful jersey fabric and of course jewellery - especially plastic and colourful jewellery. It is a plastic life for us. Our style and label is a mixture of everything we see and want to have.

Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

I buy most of my clothes from abroad. I especially like shopping in London and Barcelona. I think my style is affected by music I listen. Recently I have been into Björk’s new album.

Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

I am quite laid-back and conservative, but my favourite label is Diesel. I also work for Diesel and through that I am influenced by Italian fashion. I think fashion there isn’t too over the top, but still is very interesting.
Out of magazines I read Homme and L' Uomo Vogue.

Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

I like to wear a lot of blue, white and silver. I get ideas from my own feelings, especially from my negative feelings. While Estonian street style might be a bit low-key, our runway level is really good.

Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

I really like minimalism and I want my clothes to reflect my inner world. I don’t follow particular designers, because they see fashion differently than I do and therefore I try to find my own road. I think Estonians are very trendy and this could be a good and a bad thing.

Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

Today I look so formal because of the event, but I do put some effort to my everyday style too. My favourite designer is Dsquared, but I shop at second-hands. Estonian style would improve so much, if more people did that.

Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

I love exploring the extremes and I absolutely adore jewellery. At the moment I especially like different golden chains. I don’t like feminine clothes, because often they seem boring. Today my favourite collection was Liisi Eesmaa’s.

Merli ,
Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

The most important aspect of my style is that I have to feel free in all my clothes. Then of course I don’t want to feel uncomfortably, but feeling free is essential. I like wearing colourful clothes and I recommend Estonians to experiment more.


Blogger Candid Cool said...

I like the black and white look on Thomas, especially the long cardigan
I like the color block stripes on mariana’s dress.
Great look on kristjan, nice jeans.
Urmet looks spot on! Love the waist coat and trousers.

12 June, 2007 06:24  

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