Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Viru str, Tallinn

I’m such a designer junkie. My favourite label is Dolce & Gabbana, but I also like high-street brands like Pepe jeans, Diesel and Miss Sixty. My favourite city style-wise is Milan. I just got back from Germany and I think many many people there dress a lot worse than in Estonia. This summer my favourites are shorts and heels

Suur-Karja str, Tallinn

I like to design and make my own jewellery. Recently, when Gianfranco Ferre died, I was overwhelmed with many different feelings and this was reflected in my appearance. My style really depends on my mood. I like to go to theatre, because plays are really inspiring.

Kelly & Laura,
Viru str, Tallinn

We really like different colours and patterns, especially chequered. We tend to buy clothes and later on start mixing and combining them with our wardrobes. Our favourite shop is Humana. This summer everybody seems to wear only black, but people should go for clothes that are more suitable for summer.

Viru Centre, Tallinn

Since my favourite shop ( Lai 10) was closed down, I have been looking for other similar shops, but it seems a hopeless case. This summer I am looking forward to wearing black and white dresses with flower patterns. I have always liked „grandma“-style clothes.


Anonymous Laimikis said...

3-rd picture - just WoW !


26 June, 2007 22:33  
Blogger Fashion Lolita said...

1# is the absolut winner!


27 June, 2007 20:54  
Blogger altamiranyc said...

Marleen is gorgeous!

28 June, 2007 04:10  
Blogger altamiranyc said...

Marleen is gorgeous!

28 June, 2007 04:10  
Blogger Rebeka said...

i wouldn't say that this summer people'd tend to wear more black than before. Even I, who wore black for years, wear colory clothes now, probably it's fashionable;)

29 June, 2007 01:17  
Anonymous Liz said...

Kelly & Laura look absolutely amazing. If more people just dressed they way the felt, never mind the way they thought they had to dress, fashion would be able to grow more rapidly & make more of an impression on different people.

17 July, 2007 17:07  

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