Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rue de Rosiers, Paris

Paris is a metling pot of all the cultures of the world. Maority of people here are not from Paris, so it is difficult to talk about Parisian style, because very often it is just foreigners imitating what they think is the Parisian style. But I guess people here, especially, in certain regions, are keen consumers of high fashion. Designer clothes can be amazing, but only when you make them your own and carry them off. I don't like when outfits are copied straight off the runway or a magazine. Personal style should be a mixture of diffeent classical basics, trendy pieces and high fashion: Zara combined with Chloé and Dries Van Noten. This summer I have been wearing different Indian trousers pulled up and worn with several belts.

Rue du Trésor, Paris

The important thing is to feel confident and empowered in your clothes. This is the only way how to survive, especially, in a fashion world. Everyone wants to bring you down, but they actually can't if you don't let them. It is pointless to think what others think, because, honestly, your taste and what suits you is not going to change based on someone else's opinion. Also, I think people, who are comfortable with what they wear, look more beautiful. My personal style is somewhat colour-oriented, but I usually like to add some unexpected splashes of colour like, maybe, a bit bright yellow or purple. My favourites are Balenciaga and YSL, because they not only have innovative designs, but their clothes fit perfectly as well. This fall I want a beige woolen coat, and a pair of pinstriped trousers. My style icons are Grace Jones and Jude Law.


Blogger Almaty Street Fashion said...

Oh, the guy look so incredible!!! Love his jacket!


20 August, 2009 00:12  
Anonymous Hanna said...

Her sunglasses and dress look cool! I love your blog, it is great to see that there is an Estonian doing something that has fashion relevance. Most street fashion captured by other sites or women's fashion magazines in Estonia is just blah and not inspiring at all.

21 August, 2009 09:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

looove alpha's outfit

22 August, 2009 17:56  
Blogger -h said...

great sunglasses and bag on alpha

02 September, 2009 17:12  

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