Saturday, July 25, 2009

Narva Str, Tallinn

This summer I’m into this flirty girly look: flowy short dresses and skirts, flower prints, bows, hairbands … But I’m already stocking up patterned leggings – abstract, animal etc prints – and oversized sweaters for Autumn. I used to live here, but currently I live in Ireland so I do most of my shopping there. My favourite shop there is Urban Outfitters and I get most of my clothes from there. I like to have an eclectic personal style with mixing all kinds of different clothes. My longtime favourite designer is Matthew Williamson. His clothes always have these amazing prints and are generally very me.

Foorum, Tallinn

I just got this denim shirt with these lacy bits a couple of days ago for my birthday. This summer I really like light denim and other pastel and soft shades. However, my preferences in fashion are changing constantly; just recently I was into bold colours. This Autumn I think I will be wearing some high-wasted skirts and trousers and simple tops with them. In the high school I go to, I’m not allowed to wear jeans to school, so no denim for Autumn… My favourite fashion houses are old classics like Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel, but also new ones like Alexander Wang. With brands like YSL and Chanel, I feel that you have to have a certain presence and maturity to carry them off. I hate when designer clothes are worn with otherwise trashy outfits.


Anonymous Kat said...

I'm really enjoying this blog, the outfits are fashionable yet wearable and give me ideas what I could actually use.

26 July, 2009 20:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That lacy denim thing is so cool, never seen denim lace or whatever it is!

27 July, 2009 22:34  
Blogger Princesse P said...

The lace panel bits with the denim is such a nice combination!
Love stopping by your blog, always inspires me, thanks!

23 August, 2009 00:52  

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