Friday, October 09, 2009

All Saints Passage, Cambridge

I grew up in Central London, and quite early started to hang out in places like BoomBox. A couple years ago everything there was about wearing extremely over the top clothes, and even if I kept it somewhat modest - or as modest a leather shift dresses and such can be – my friends went all for it. I liked that I could go to these places, explore new styles and have good time. It is all about self-expression. But I guess my style changes a lot depending where I am. My style changed drastically after I moved to Paris and I would never wear too crazy things here in Cambridge. I get most of my inspiration from films and I have so many stills saved in my computer. I absolutely love French New Wave cinema, and for a while I had a slight obsession with Louise Brooks. My hair used to be cut like hers – really short and really strong. However, now I'm trying to grow it long.
You can follow Louise's blog here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So stunning! Girl, scenery,her outfit, everything!

10 October, 2009 11:47  
Anonymous Jenni said...

I can so see her with Louise Brooks' haircut, she would look amazing. But what is the print on her dress?

11 October, 2009 14:02  
Blogger Fashion By He said...

great pictures

come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

14 October, 2009 20:18  
Anonymous Acaislim said...

I love it.

18 October, 2009 20:21  
Blogger andrea said...

beautiful colors! that dress, I'd love to know more about that dress.

23 October, 2009 11:06  
Anonymous car rental la said...

I think I like your skirt printed with portrait like canvas print. Is that a horse portrait on your skirt?

17 December, 2009 11:54  
Anonymous Volunteer India said...

I think that’s a dress not a skirt. The print looks like a painted master piece.

17 December, 2009 11:55  
Blogger Jessica said...

What a shock to come accross someone I recognized from Cambridge in your blog. What wonderful photos you take.

I've just started a fashion blog set in Cambridge. They don't compete with your photography, but I'd love to know what you think...


21 February, 2010 03:41  

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