Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rocca al Mare, Tallinn

Over the past couple of years I have really toned down my personal style. I used to love outgoing and colourful clothes, because I wanted to show the world how positive and fun-loving I can be, but now I think a sincere smile is enough. Personal style becomes more mature as well and for me it has meant darker shades, but I don't think it always has to be like that. For example, I really like Vivienne Westwood's personal style, because she proves that it doesn't matter how old you are, you can still wear these crazy clothes, look stylish and still feel comfortable in your own skin. So, maybe one day I will go back to my old style. Today I'm actually bit more dressed up than usual: a friend of mine just asked if I was to a reception or something. But I just felt really great today and wanted to wear something smart.

You can see an older picture of Carmen here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! I also love that you have a picture of her from last year, so we can actually see the change.

16 September, 2009 21:22  
Anonymous Jenni said...

She looks so pretty :)

19 September, 2009 12:16  
Blogger Tanya Kasabova said...

like it :)

21 September, 2009 22:14  
Blogger ceka said...

Thanke you ! It´s so lovely if someone stranger saying something nice about you...
"Be yourself and Enjoy life"
Have a wonderful autumn!


21 September, 2009 22:29  
Blogger ceka said...

p.s Ave Lauren (just Glitter Lust creator)
is so very sweet and pleasant person!
if you only could see how cool she is looking :)

21 September, 2009 22:48  
Blogger The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes said...

This is such a lovely ourfit, I particularly like the jacket. And the pretty smile :)

30 September, 2009 02:28  
Blogger Elle said...

Very smart looking outfit but in a fun, pretty way!! These are beautiful pictures :)

15 November, 2009 15:20  

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