Monday, September 07, 2009

Tammsaare's Park, Tallinn

I really like vintage and second-hand clothes, because they are not so predictable. I think one person, who wears vintage so nicely is Alexa Chung: mainly because she combines vintage with designer clothes. Also, besides her, Kate Moss has a very effortless style and uses a lot of vintage items. Tallinn, and Estonia in general, is great for finding good second-hand clothes, because people here have a completely different taste compared to, say, England, where I'm currently studying in university. So, always when I come home here, I can get so many cool second-hand items, but usually shopkeepers look at me as if I'm crazy to buy the things I buy. I think my taste and style has changed after I went to England. Here I was very into 'comfortable' clothes, jeans, sneakers and so on, but there I have gotten really into fashion and more dressy outfits. My current favourite designer is Alexander Wang.


Anonymous Jenni said...

I wish it was warm here and I could wear my cutoffs. I love the flower detail

08 September, 2009 10:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Einoh väga äge, aga kas tal külm ei ole?

08 September, 2009 20:47  
Blogger World Traveler said...

Love this look so effortless but very stylish

10 September, 2009 19:56  


12 September, 2009 04:05  
Blogger Avyn said...

cute place you are running here. It is sugary to hear about the style around europe told through the writings of each person.

12 September, 2009 16:11  
Blogger sandra said...

i really like her look. i love a great blazer.

01 October, 2009 05:04  
Anonymous laura said...

i really like that you are adding some personal text to the pictures - that makes it really interesting! nice!

28 November, 2009 22:47  

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