Friday, September 04, 2009

Laikmaa Str, Tallinn

As I'm still a high school student, I have to wear modest and smart clothes to school, so in the evening, I like to dress up. This fall I will be wearing a lot of sequined and velvet items. My absolute favourite designers are Gareth Pugh and Martin Margiela, their avant-garde designs and shapes are so inspiring. I do like exhibitionism in fashion, but only to a certain degree. With Estonian fashion, I think the main problem is that brands like Monton are way too plain and simple, while Supernoova caliber designers make clothes that are simply unwearable, because we don't have proper events for them. Besides that, I really like films, especially ones made by Sophia Coppola. While Pugh and Margiela have very strong looks, then Coppola's films and the beautiful looks and cinematography have helped me to tone it down


Anonymous Antonio Barros said...

I love her outfit!

04 September, 2009 19:32  
Blogger Almaty Street Fashion said...

Oh, my goodness!!! She looks so cool!!! I love the whole look. Superb!!!

04 September, 2009 19:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She looks amazing! Is she a model?

04 September, 2009 19:35  
Anonymous Mai said...

Ta näeb nii superäge välja! Peaks ka proovima oma salliga midagi sellist teha.

06 September, 2009 16:45  
Blogger The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes said...

gorgeous gorgeous shoes !

06 September, 2009 23:59  
Blogger Birk85 said...

Hi, here is Birk from

I sent you an email 2 weeks ago, but unfortunately I didn´t get an answer.

Have you get it?

Many cheers from hannover,

07 September, 2009 11:02  
Blogger justglitterlust said...

birk: I don't think I did. sorry.

07 September, 2009 18:28  
Blogger Birk85 said...

Shit :-(, here again:


my name is Birk and my hobby is the photography.

Since 2 month I have a blog, wehre I show the style of Hannover (Germany). You can find it on

Your blog looks very good, so I have put it on my blogroll. Can you do the same, please?

Cheers from Germany,

07 September, 2009 19:14  
Blogger bloo. said...

o gosh !
she looks awesome :)

11 September, 2009 14:11  

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