Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Tammsaare's Park, Tallinn

My closet consists mainly of second-hand clothes. Partly because I think we all should go green and stop consuming and creating new products, but also because second-hand clothes are cheap. Combines two nice things. However, I do like to buy new t-shirts with prints of my favourite artists' works. I study in the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, so I get my energy and ideas from art and the art scene. In Tallinn, I like that you can see so many people wearing second-hand and vintage clothes, which makes the street scene so different from Western Europe, where people think they are so fashionable yet they all look like H&M or Topshop clones. I think people here are more alternative than they actually think they are, while in other places it is the opposite. But I also like the street style in the UK, or at least in some circles, because it is experimental yet uses things from the past. I like street style because it helps to get ideas how to re-use or re-style clothes I already have. You usually forget about half of the clothes you own and every now and then I see someone wearing this cool sweater, or something like that, and then it would remind me that I have something similar.


Blogger Breezy said...

i like him! he looks like boys that i had printmaking class with. they were very fun and i'm sure he is, too.

01 September, 2009 07:26  
Blogger Billy-Jo said...

Vägev. Harjaga Cobain

01 September, 2009 08:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is my new hairstyle idol! Also, his clothes look awesome as well, I've been trying to find a sweater similar to his, but failed at that.

01 September, 2009 09:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh wow. He looks... like me. Only that his hair is at least a hundred times more awesome.

03 September, 2009 15:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


04 September, 2009 09:54  
Blogger clo said...

i like him!! i want to have a boyrfriend like him!! haha

05 September, 2009 04:23  
Anonymous Steve Doyle said...

Unbelievably cute.

06 October, 2009 20:40  

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