Saturday, September 23, 2006

Helga and Kristi (right)
Viru Str, Tallinn

Helga: „Today most of my clothes come from the States and the jacket is from Zara. I think people have started to think more about fashion. I don’t think I dress by my mood, but my mood depends on what I am wearing. If I end up thinking that my outfit isn’t the best it could be, I will feel awful for the rest of the day. It will sound cliché, but I think Kate Moss has the best style. “
Kristi: „ My style is based on colours- they have to match. I have my red and pink colour days and so on. I loved Carrie Bradshaw’s style in the Sex and the City. I think her personality made everything work for her. I think Estonian street style desperately needs to improve – I would like get inspired by other’s styles, but here it is rarely possible.“

Laur and Hanna (left)
Tammsaare’s Park,Tallinn

Laur :“My style is sort of Le Coq Sportif. I am influenced by the 80’s, David Bowie and my friends. You can sometimes find cool pieces from Tallinn’s second hands, but if you want something particular, you have to go abroad. There are so many cool Scandinavian labels out there, for example Tiger. I am planning to go and study design.“
Hanna: “I do not like the idea of having style icons. You can be influenced by someone, but there is too much copying out there. At the moment you can see Kate Moss wannabes everywhere and it is awful. I like to go shopping in Stockholm or Helsinki. My favourite high fashion label is Gucci, but out of more affordable companies I prefer Diesel.“


Anonymous Anonymous said...


i love your blog! lots of stylish people! check out this site for streetstyle in helsinki


11 October, 2006 13:14  
Blogger eurobrat said...

I just discovered your fab site... so great to find another Finnish style spot!!!

15 October, 2006 09:41  
Blogger eurobrat said...


15 October, 2006 09:43  
Anonymous ambika said...

I love the plaid chevron coat. The loose fit of it is very 50s but the pattern is very trendy.

06 November, 2006 19:45  

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