Sunday, September 23, 2007

New York City, USA

In my family everyone had very distinct style, for example my sister is into rockabilly, while my mother is very sophisticated, my own style is a mixture of everything. My current style icon is Agyness Deyn, she has a great quirky style. In New York people try to be more extravagant than others, while in most of the places everybody follow just one trend and this makes New York one of the fashion capitals.

New York City, USA

I’m originally from NY, but at the moment I live in Paris. I like New York’s style better, because there are more different styles. In Paris people look the same and wear too much black. My current favourite colours are grey and mustard. I think this fall’s colours are great! I’m trying to find some neat ankle boots. These shoes are by Dries van Noten.

New York City, USA

My style is all the way Gay’n’Ghetto. I have my own label called Hood by Air and you can get it from Seven in New York. So if I want something, I just design it. New York’s style isn’t anymore what it used to be. Everyone seems to look the same and have lost their uniqueness. Nothing very innovative.

New York City, USA

I like skater style and just pick up ideas from people I see. Street style is quite influential. I wear a lot of vintage and I prefer more plain clothes combined with something interesting. One’s style is a form of expression and a way of showing your personality, luckily everybody in NY has one and therefore street style here is great.

New York City, USA

I think New York’s style is an inspiring mixture of everything. Another great style inspiration is the editor-in-chief of Paris Vogue Carine Roitfeld. My current favourites are oversize balloon-shaped dresses. The dress I’m wearing is by one Japanese designer. I’d like to buy some new Oxford shoes.

New York City, USA

Italian new-wave cinema and film directors like Fellini have had a great influence on my style. I prefer plain and simple things with value. Most of clothes are from A.P.C. or vintage. Fashion in New York is in dead phase. High street has commercialized fashion and everybody look the same. I’m hoping for a rebirth of 70’s punk rock scene, Puerto Rican hip-hop and things like that.

New York City, USA

My style icons are Kate Moss and Brigitte Bardot, and my own style is a combination of their style and everything British, because I’m from London. I also think that Marni is great for ideas. I’ve always loved wearing grey, so this season it is perfect. I like grey in all shades. I get my clothes from here and there and currently I like to raid my family members’ closets- this jumper used to belong to my grandfather and skirt to my mom.

New York City, USA

I like clothes that won’t lose their value. I’ve got quite a lot of designer clothes, but also vintage. Today I’m wearing Ksubi jeans, because my wife is Australian, and this shirt is by Marc Jacobs. My newest purchase are these glasses. Life changes, people change and therefore it is logical that fashion and personal style changes. It develops as the person develops.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great pics! I especially love Joy's outfit. She looks gorgeous and I love her skirt.

24 September, 2007 13:47  
Blogger charlene said...

#4's HAWT!haha;>

24 September, 2007 18:50  
Anonymous Kristel said...

Tsubi jeans mitte Ksubi!

24 September, 2007 20:21  
Blogger justglitterlust said...

Just Ksubi jeans;)
Tsubid olid nad enne,kuid juba 2006 aasta kevadel muudeti firmal nimi ära. Mingi autoriõiguste asi.
Tahad sellest rohkem teada, siis nt siit saab:

24 September, 2007 22:09  
Blogger justglitterlust said...

Aga aitäh, et ütlesid.
Tihti juhtub nii,et vaja kiiresti kirjutada ja mõni viga tuleb sisse.
Tore, et on tähelepanelikke ja moeteadlikke lugejaid :)

24 September, 2007 22:20  
Blogger altamiranyc said...

#1: love it. Cool shoes, nice coat.

#5: I like how she is displaying her dress, just for you! :)

26 September, 2007 06:54  
Blogger Juliet said...

sooo many great finds !


juliet xxx

30 September, 2007 15:08  

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