Sunday, June 29, 2008

Münzstraße, Berlin

Personal style is not supposed to change too much. Maybe you add something new and throw away something old, but overall should be same. My personal style is personal and I have everything I could fashion-wise wish for. Street style depends on the size of the city. In a big city like Berlin it is very diverse and you can see almost everything.

Ku’damm, Berlin

I really like the Hackescher Markt region. It carries a rather bohemian vibe and has the best street style in Berlin. Other areas are more mainstream and filled with tourists. My favourite designer is Marc Jacobs and one of my current favourite items are these sandals from Topshop. My favourite colours are grey and blue.

Made in Berlin on Neue Schönhauser Straße, Berlin

I’m originally from Finland, but at the moment I live in Berlin. I prefer slouchy clothes and combine them however I feel like. For example this t-shirt functions as my everyday wear but also as my nightwear. My current favourite item is this leather jacket and I like my grey dyed hair. For new ideas I look what homeless wear.

Hackescher Markt, Berlin

Berlin’s street style is as diverse as the city itself. I’m wearing really comfortable clothes, because at the moment I’m rushing to my university. I buy a lot of my clothes from COS, where I also work so I know what is worth buying. I prefer very simple and plain basics.

Münzstraße, Berlin

Music is a major force in my life. I’m in a band called Dadajugend Polyform and I like new wave music mixed with electro and punk. These preferences obviously affect my personal style too. I like to shop in British flea markets. Here in Berlin people wear bit uniform-like clothes and this makes its style unique.

Neue Schönhauser Straße, Berlin

Flea markets are a great source for ideas. You see clothes from previous decades, but many of them, when styled, right look new and inspiring. Today I’m mostly wearing second-hand clothes, but also some samples. I’m a womenswear designer for Cheap Monday so I wear that a lot too.

Rosenthaler Straße, Berlin

My friends describe my style black’n’comfortable. I choose to wear mainly clack and I spice it up with colourful details. Stylish and artistic people around me give me new ideas. Most of my friends are designers and I’m a jewellery designer for Hanna af Ekström. My favourite brands are Swedish Acne and Cheap Monday.


Anonymous passt said...

looks like you went by some of the spots i recommended to you. great pics ave! hope you a good time in berlin - did you catch any of the nightlife too ? drop buy for quality audio and visuals and spread the word please, thx

29 June, 2008 13:59  
Anonymous Goldie said...

oo, lovely!
I think I have a crush on Andreas! he looks so great.

29 June, 2008 14:06  
Blogger enc said...

I just found you via:

I really like what you're doing!

29 June, 2008 21:04  
Blogger -h of candid cool said...

1: I like how he balances out the shorter shorts with the double layers on top & the long sleeve cardigan. I also like the detail of how he wears double of each color, (yellow cardigan, yellow socks, grey tee, grey shoes, etc…) And the pouch is a nice detail too.

2: I really like her dress, esp. that has pockets. Great pocket and awesome sandals of course too.

01 July, 2008 06:20  
Blogger petra said...

cool stuff! i'm going to berlin tomorrow, looks awesome referring to your pics!

you're welcome to check my blog at

03 July, 2008 12:08  
Anonymous style slicker said...

absolutely loving the guy's outfit (1st pic), esp the mustard colour"""

03 July, 2008 15:29  
Blogger ting-wai said...

Andreas is so hip. love him!! he should model for American Apparel!

19 September, 2008 05:56  

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