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This weekend was the tenth annual Supernoova gala. For those who do not know, this is a fashion competition for Estonian designers. This year the winners were Liisi Eesmaa in the older category and Kristel Kuslapuu in the younger category. They have been both featured in Just Glitter Lust and you can check them out if you click on their names.

As there are always many stylish people at Supernoova, I couldn't manage taking pictures and interviewing on my own. So these pictures are all taken by Siim Lepik and I focused on interviews. You can check out his other photos



Supernoova at Russian Theatre, Tallinn

Cheap and almost disposable clothes are doing a huge damage to the environment and therefore I try to wear vintage and second-hand clothes. If I buy something new, I like clothes that have a good quality, for example Vivienne Westwood’s creations. I’m actually from Sweden, but I live in Tallinn. Here designers have more elaborate style, but in Sweden it is all about minimalist style. One thing I don’t get is why there are so few menswear designers in Estonia.

Andreas and his “Karl Lagerfeld”,
Supernoova at Russian Theatre, Tallinn

Currently I’m bit obsessed with American culture. I like the multicultural diversity that is always present there. One of the best icons of American culture is Mickey Mouse. Another factor that defines my current style is speed plus today I also have my own Karl Lagerfeld with me so my outfit had to suit his.

Supernoova at Russian Theatre, Tallinn

One of my favourite womenswear designers is Giambattista Valli. His last three-four collections have been extremely inspiring. When it comes to menswear, it is a lot more difficult to point out one favourite, because the level of clothes seems to change every season. Currently my favourite is maybe Gucci.

Supernoova at Russian Theatre, Tallinn

I built up my outfit on this Star Wars ‘ t-shirt and I wanted to wear something more feminine, although usually it isn’t my style. My favourite international designer isYohji Yamamoto. I’m disappointed in last week’s ERKI fashion show and this one. All clothes have some ugly bric-a-brac attached to it and nothing really catches your eye.

Supernoova at Russian Theatre, Tallinn

My style has become more mature and I’m not affected by trends as much as before. Only thing that has remained the same over the years is my favourite designer Vivienne Westwood. I wanted to wear a completely different outfit, but then I just chose something comfortable. My current must-have items are shorts and anything blue.

Supernoova at Russian Theatre, Tallinn

I love different colours and especially different purples and violets. I like shopping in high street shops, but I try to mix things so the outfit would look more interesting. I pick an item and try to match everything else to it. If nothing suits, I’ll be innovative, for example this skirt actually used to be a top. This summer oversized shirts will be a basic in my wardrobe.

Supernoova at Russian Theatre, Tallinn

All kinds of different stockings play a huge part in my style. I love them in every colour and texture. There aren’t many places to get unusual stockings, but I recently discovered Suva’s store near Balti Jaam. I also like different patterns. This spring floral patterns are all the rage.

Supernoova at Russian Theatre, Tallinn

I definitely don’t buy fanatically fashion magazines nor is my favourite TV channel fashion TV nor do I really care about high fashion. If you choose clothes intuitively, it is more likely that you will get it right. I like wearing different rings. Some of the rings used to belong to my grandmother. I don’t know what to think about Estonian fashion designers. It isn’t great and it isn’t bad just mediocre.

Supernoova at Russian Theatre, Tallinn

Estonian fashion designers only concentrate on the show and not on the clothes. Very often they basically sew the outfits on models and therefore they have a poor quality. Due to that only very few people can wear their creations. All that said, I admit that they do have great shows. My own style usually follows different themes. I have something in my mind and dress according to it.

Supernoova at Russian Theatre, Tallinn

I’m a designer and I always try to wear my own designs. Ideas for new clothes come mainly from music. Recently I have been listening to Duran Duran and The Clash, but I made this dress just because I had this fabric. My favourite designer is Giorgio Armani, because his designs are always so chic. When it comes to fashion, I think media should focus more on clothes not on models.

Supernoova at Russian Theatre, Tallinn

I’m working for a web publication called Femme and it also does a street style section, therefore it is bit funny to be the one from whom the questions are asked. My wardrobe consists mainly of heels and dresses. This summer I also like this denim jacket. The first thing I look at the Supernoova’s collections is quality, but I don’t want to name any favourites.


Anonymous Goldie said...

So next season's must-have item is your own Karl Lagerfeld :D

Great pictures and I think they all look great!

09 June, 2008 08:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like what these guys are wearing

10 June, 2008 15:07  
Anonymous Maria said...

the second guy is ...kinky
and I like the guy with red hair..always loved some ginger...

11 June, 2008 22:44  
Blogger ill informed said...

great photos. i like your blog.
Linking you :)

16 June, 2008 04:00  
Blogger la femme said...

Kart's tights are fantastic.

21 June, 2008 00:28  
Blogger -h of candid cool said...

1. Very cool style. His dark plaid jacket is great. He reminds me a bit of Alexander McQueen.

On Joosep, nice rings and beautiful jacket.

Hendrik: a classic look, but made more modern with the choice of colors and the much slimmer fit.

01 July, 2008 06:28  

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