Saturday, May 17, 2008

Estonia Blvd, Tallinn

I just recently got back from London, where I interned at Louis de Gama. At the moment people in London are obsessed with Bob Dylan and 80’s. Everything around me affects me, but I especially get many ideas from books. I make most of my clothes and this jacket with fur is also something I made.

Tammsaare’s Park, Tallinn

I’m in middle with my ERKI collection and it is going to reflect my current obsession with knitted materials. This summer one-piece items and jumpsuits are a basic in my wardrobe. I’m also a big fan of black colour, though, sometimes my friends complain that I look as if I was going to a funeral 24/7.

Narva mnt, Tallinn

I just bought a second pair of white sneakers from a nearby second-hand. I’m currently into white sneakers and white shirts. I quite often shop at second-hands. This bag comes also from a Humana – people either hate it or love it. I listen to indie-music so it definitely affects me, but it is really hard to name a certain style-icon, because there aren’t many men whose style is very inspiring.

Kakumäe, Tallinn

I’ve been in Tallinn just for couple of days. I spent some time in Barcelona and I’m still used to different kind of life rhythm. My style is always bit rock’n’roll and I like layers – simple outfits like jeans and t-shirt should be worn only at home. This bag is designed my one American tattoo artist. Other favourites are harem pants and these boots that I’m wearing today.


Blogger ikanbilis said...


17 May, 2008 18:11  
Anonymous Jackson said...

I love the bag too!

18 May, 2008 21:42  
Anonymous ulla said...

the first girl rocks, the guy's bag is cool and the last one.. well, it's cool to see one of my co-workers here again and know that she's back in estonia :)

18 May, 2008 23:00  
Blogger sonny said...

hehe cool:)

18 May, 2008 23:24  
Blogger Marina Hermanovna said...


I'm an italian photographer based in Paris, and I founded a street style blog with only 100% professional pictures.

I just found out about your blog, and I am so happy we style bloggers are a growing community.

I guess you might add me to your links?



marina hermanovna

22 May, 2008 12:16  

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