Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tammsaare’s Park, Tallinn

The era I like the most is the Seventies. I like hippie clothes, but they should always have a classic well-tailored touch. A friend of mine once tried to describe my style and called it “aristocratic hippie”. Ideas and inspiration come from the same era, but as I’m a film director, I get some ideas from films too.

Pikk str, Tallinn

I had this jacket done by my tailor. I wanted to have a part of it bit schoolgirlish and I was recommended to have a similar neckline. My clothes always have to be comfortable. By this I mean that clothes have to feel like a second skin. Another thing that is important is that clothes should not have big logos because they look just tacky.

Town Hall Square, Tallinn

Obviously punk music inspires me and I like to see what punk musicians wear and interpret it. I tend to wear punk elements with a lot of colour. I get a lot of clothes from my friends, for example this leather jacket. My must-have accessory is safety pin. I don’t like when people try so hard to follow a style they have seen somewhere and won’t make it their own.

Foorum, Tallinn

Clothes can look very different on different people. It doesn’t matter what is ‘in’, but how you carry it off. This summer I like short dresses and also the timeless Chanel style, but unfortunately I cannot afford it. I usually shop when I’m abroad and I like to go to vintage shops. Next things I’d like to get are high colourful platforms.

Tatari str, Tallinn

The love of mainstream fashion that dominates in Estonia is really annoying. Currently my style is bit psychedelic and I like different colourful hoodies. I got this one from some online shop. I saw it and just had to have it.

Vabaduse Square, Tallinn

Today I have had a busy work day and therefore I’m wearing quite formal clothes. Work and duties dictate what I can or can’t wear. My casual style is ever changing and if I’m asked what my style is, I cannot point it out. Only colours tend to remain same. I wear a lot of black and white.

Suur-Karja str, Tallinn

Today I’m wearing a lot of my mother’s old clothes, but I don’t mind buying clothes from high street shops too. I like this small brown leather bag, but now I also want an oversize brown leather bag. I don’t think about my style. It comes and should come intuitively – what feels right, is right.


Anonymous Sebastien said...

The first guy has a really cool style: all the proportions look so great.

04 June, 2008 10:09  
Blogger altamiranyc said...

I like the first guy and how you composed the shot--the way the street divides the shot in half, making the bottom and top mirror images.

05 June, 2008 05:43  
Blogger styleandthecity.com - Street style & Fashion weeks in Paris said...

hi hi from Paris

very cool photos and atmosphere ! great

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05 June, 2008 14:45  
Blogger -h of candid cool said...

1. very laid back & cool. I like the hint of the asymmetry in his jacket. Ive never seen the movie, but he reminds me of Cate Blanchett’s Dylan.

06 June, 2008 14:42  

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