Monday, June 22, 2009

Schnelli's Park, Tallinn

Life and surroundings are crucial to your personal style – it just affects you. I think it affects my personal style way more than music, films, art or even fashion itself. I feel that my style is somewhat effortless; I don’t think too much about, because I think real style comes naturally. I have no particular style icons, but just like I said, people who surround me inspire me. So, friends strongly affect my style. Also, I love the fashion scene in London and Paris. I love their indie scene.

Vabaduse Square, Tallinn

I sometimes work as a freelance costume designer so I like bit theatrical and over-the-top clothes, and I love colours, but today my outfit doesn’t really reflect that. Anyway, everything I’m wearing, except the earring, is from Estonia, so I don’t think it fair to say that you can’t find clothes from here. When I go shopping, I just go for clothes that ‘feel right’. Only thing from abroad is this Mona Lisa earring that was a gift from a friend from London. With my personal style I tend to jump from one decade to another; I used to be very into the Thirties, now most of my clothes have the 80s feel and then, of course, I had the Sixties phase as well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so lovely! It is fascinating to see how somewhat similar hairstyles and sunglasses can work on an outfit in such different ways.
And I hope you will be posting more!

23 June, 2009 12:02  
Blogger TheSleekGeek said...

i love the first girl!her outfit is so stylish and comfortable(i guesslol)

23 June, 2009 21:55  

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