Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Polymer Culture Factory, Tallinn, Estonia

I'm absolutely obsessed with Henrik Vibskov's designs, but it is really difficult to get hold of his clothes in Tallinn. From more mainstream labels I like Cheap Monday or I just buy something from trift shops or flea markets, like, I think I got these trousers and the jacket from Balti Jaam. I'm the most influenced by music and crazy rock bands and singers, especially Mötley Crüe and The Horrors. I play guitar myself as well. The most stylish person I know is my friend Anastasia.

The Polymer Culture Factory, Tallinn, Estonia

I remember I was like 6 or 7 when I designed my first clothes. I'm still not sure where the ideas come from; I just feel the need for something and it is usually much easier to make something than hope that I will come across it. My style is usually is quite feminine. Dresses really flatter my body shape, so I have always had my wardrobe full of dresses. Although, at the moment I'm trying to find nice acid wash jeans.

The Polymer Culture Factory, Tallinn, Estonia

I just want to feel comfortable and not depend on clothes: clothes shouldn't dictate what I can/can't do or where I can/can't go. So I think my style is quite neutral and I love simple basic pieces, for example, I can never have too many simple tank tops. I really like the local street style, because when you go to other places, for example Sweden, where I spend a lot of time, you can see that people are trying so hard to be different, but actually look the same. Street style here is so eclectic.


Blogger Ed said...

päris tore on kogemata oma seinajoonistust avastada internetist :)

05 May, 2009 13:46  
Blogger Chelsea-Alana said...

That dress is gorgeous!

Check out my new fashion blog:

08 June, 2009 22:16  
Blogger produit frais said...

Sattusin kogematta sinu saidile & tore on näha, et keegi Eestist ka teeb street style blogi!

09 June, 2009 01:30  
Blogger TEXTSTYLES said...

love your photos.
let's link up!


11 June, 2009 21:37  
Blogger smilla said...

she looks great, very interesting, would like to go and have a coffee with her.

08 August, 2009 00:16  
Blogger amber said...

Hello, coming to visit Tallinn in about a month. Curious. Are there any flea markets (or second hand shops) that you could recommend? thanks.

28 August, 2009 07:36  
Blogger amber said...

Hello. Coming to visit Tallinn in about a month. Curious. Are there any fleamarkets (or second hand shops) that you could recommend? Thanks.

28 August, 2009 07:38  

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