Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Uus Str, Tallinn

I sometimes make my own clothes, but not too often, because it takes a lot of time. When I see a great fabric, I get inspired. I saw this floral print and had to make these trousers. I like different Japanese subcultures, because people there are so brave and interesting. I think people should wear brighter colours, because it affects our mood. People in black tend to look more miserable.

Nunne Str, Tallinn

This autumn I’m into more masculine clothes. I very rarely buy new clothes, I usually get them from second-hands or from my mother’s closet. She had a great style, so there is always something to snatch. I’m actually from Tartu and I really like how people dress there. As it is a university town, people care less about looking polished and are way more creative.


Blogger Jagucha said...

so simple but cool, graet tights shoes and nice bag!

20 September, 2008 17:31  
Blogger Laura Gelbecke said...

you should sell me those trousers eheh

22 September, 2008 01:25  

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