Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kanuti Gild, Tallinn, Estonia

I'm currently into 1920's fashion. My outfits are all about ties, waistcoats, nice sweaters...I prefer chic and smart clothes that would still have something unusual about them: maybe the shape, maybe that they are oversized or something like that. It also matters how your outfit is styled. I think the main problem with Estonian street style is that Estonia is so tiny. If there are, say, a hundred very stylish people per one million, then there are, unfortunately, a lot less potential stylistas in Tallinn than in places like London or New York.

Kanuti Gild, Tallinn, Estonia

I'm wearing my favourite colours today and this spring I love dresses. I don't think I'm trying to express something with my style, but it is very important for me to wear second-hand or vintage clothes and not buy so much new stuff. It is much better for the environment and your wallet as well. This jacket and dress are both second-hand and I got these boots from England and were second-hand too.


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