Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Kirke and Sandra
Viru Str

We have a rather similar style sense. We both prefer natural
and dark colours. Most of our clothes come from second hands
in Tallinn. At the moment I am trying to find some cool velvet
trousers (Kirke). We also shop in ordinary high- street shops,
because they offer the best basics like jeans and t-shirts.
Later on it is nice to mix them with more unique vintage pieces.
The most common mistake people make, is that they wear only
trendy clothes, but fashion is more about mixing different generations.

Viru Str

This season we really like oversized silk wraps that
can be used to experiment with new interesting shapes.
We like comfortable, but interesting clothes. I think
every woman wants to look pretty and to be seen. We are
no exceptions. We read most of the Estonian fashion magazines
and some foireign ones like Vogue and Elle. You can find amazing
ideas and very often they inspire us to go and buy something.
When we are in Estonia we shop at Mango and French Connection.


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