Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Lauluväljak (Songfestival Ground), Tallinn

I spent a year in Australia, so at the moment most of my clothes come from there. I really like wearing dresses. I never used to wear them so often when I was still in Estonia, but climate there is ideal for dresses. Now when I am in Estonia and it is colder, I just throw a cardigan on.

Lauluväljak (Songfestival Ground), Tallinn

I work as a fashion editor and I spend a lot of time just keeping up with the new trends. I like to read street style blogs and also browse through other fashion-related web pages. In my free time I don’t put so much effort into my clothes and therefore I wear whatever is clean and available.

Lauluväljak (Songfestival Ground), Tallinn

This summer I want to buy and wear different dresses. One I especially want is a dotted dress. The first thing that affects my style is weather and then of course feeling comfortable. I have basic needs. Today I am wearing clothes that used to belong to my mother.

Ele & Marit,
Lauluväljak (Songfestival Ground), Tallinn

Ele: At the moment I really like this “Ancient Greek” style (e.g. drapery) and gladiator sandals. I do a lot of shopping at Mango, because I work there. I sometimes go to second-hands too, but it takes a lot of time to find something cool.
Marit: My style is conservative versus laid-back. I really dislike if people go over the top with being ‘original’.

Liina & Livia,
Lauluväljak (Songfestival Ground), Tallinn

We really dislike all these women’s magazines, but sometimes we watch Fashion TV. We like to buy our clothes from flea markets and customize them to suit our personalities. Estonians want to fit into one particular subculture and therefore look the same. Even those who try to be original look the same.

Lauluväljak (Songfestival Ground), Tallinn

My favourite colours are green, yellow and red. I always try to wear colourful clothes. I don’t follow any fashion trends. I think my style is affected by music I listen, but I guess this is same with many people. Those, who listen to reggae, have one style and those, who listen to metal, another and so on.

Lauluväljak (Songfestival Ground), Tallinn

Estonian men wear really bland and boring clothes. I really wish people here would wear more chic clothes. My own clothes seem to be in contrasting colours: a lot of black and white. I travel a lot and I do most of my shopping abroad. I just got back from Venice.


Blogger karLos said...

Estonians want to fit into one particular subculture and therefore look the same.

who agrees with this? i would be interested to read about this so called 'subculture' and what it entails?

04 July, 2007 00:11  
Blogger justglitterlust said...

This means that they choose one particular subculture/style for themselves not that in Estonia is only one subculture :) Next sentence says "Even those who try to be original look the same" and it could be concluded from that ;)

In other countries, at least in many, people change their style every season and sort of develop. In Estonia people do the same thing for so long that it can get boring.

04 July, 2007 08:17  
Blogger DB said...

check out tallinn's entry in STREET CLASH & vote for your pick for best dressed city 2007!


04 July, 2007 21:59  

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