Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I'm, again, taking off from Estonia and away for a week or so. I'm going to Lithuania, but I doubt I have any free time to take pictures there. Until then enjoy some new pictures from Estonia. I had a great opportunity to go and see MAKI's new collection, which is great, at Nu Nordik and after that I went to see Aldo Järvsoo's, Riina Põldroos' and Oksana Tandit's collaboration at Art&Lights Design Night. Nice to see that Estonian fashion scene is improving so quickly!


Art&Lights Design Night at Hobuveski, Tallinn

I work as a stylist at Team Nihilist’s shop, so today I’m wearing a dress from there. This belt comes from a second-hand. My style is ever-changing. Some friends complain that they find it hard to recognize me, because I always look so different. I really like Aldo Järvsoo’s designs and this fashion show was great. His designs are bit too glam to just wear on streets, but I’m definitely planning to get some soon.

Art&Lights Design Night at Hobuveski, Tallinn

I’ve had my own style for very long time and I rarely get inspiration from other people, but as I work in fashion business, I still keep up with the latest trends. I like the idea of using more grey shades and I combine it with my other favourites - brown and black. Estonian girls always look very put together and this is what I really like about local street style. People actually pay attention on what they are wearing.

Margit and Indrek,
Art&Lights Design Night at Hobuveski, Tallinn

Indrek: People need to wear more colour! It is plain darkness in Estonia for half of the year, so wearing black clothes makes the place even more depressing. Another thing I like is wearing Converse sneakers. They look great with almost everything. I usually wear hats too, but for some reason I haven’t got one today.
Margit: I disagree with Indrek and I love wearing black and dark clothes. Today I’m wearing mainly Monton and I believe in supporting local designers and fashion houses. I’m a passionate reader of style.com and get many ideas from there. This autumn everyone is piling grey clothes, so I might try that trend too.

Art&Lights Design Night at Hobuveski, Tallinn

I’ve always liked to combine black with other colours. For the past couple of months I’ve been really busy and haven’t had much time to focus on my personal style. Therefore I’m not sure what I’d like to try this autumn. I have focused more on designing clothes for other people, and inspiration mainly comes from the textiles I use. I think street style in Estonia is very different from what Estonian designers create. I’m not sure whether it is good or bad.

MAKI’s collection at Nu Nordik, Tallinn

People look more stylish, when they have more free time in their hands. It takes time to earn money for nice clothes, but also for putting together great outfits. My current favourites are purple and yellow colour. I just got a yellow coat for this autumn. Although I love black, I want to wear something more colourful. I’m here with my lovely dog Coco. Everybody thinks she was named after Coco Chanel, but actually I had a coconut in mind.

Daria and Madli,
Tammsaare’s Park, Tallinn

The best second-hands in Estonia are in Kohila and in other small towns. You can get really unique and cheap clothes from second-hands and therefore we usually shop there. We listen to all kinds of different music styles and in fashion we combine different looks. Estonian street style is changing all the time, but people still look the same. First there were hip-hop followers, then punk-rock and emo and so on. People, who don’t have their own style, adapt whatever is mainstream.


Blogger Tanvir said...

Great pictures, Estonia is a great place. I just ran into a website about Estonia the other day - it is a Documentary about Estonia's Singing Revolution: http://singingrevolution.com

25 September, 2007 18:21  
Blogger onthecorner.com.ar said...

the second girl looks like brigitte bardot :)

loves all these pics. Please visit our blog from argentina


thanks! bye!

26 September, 2007 01:31  
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