Monday, February 11, 2008

Viru’s tunnel, Tallinn

I buy a lot of stuff from Tokyo. I used to study there, but I still often go there. I don’t know much about high fashion and it doesn’t matter – I like what my friends wear and get inspiration from them. At the moment I’m looking for a old-fashioned/vintage-like dress, but I haven’t found one I’d like.

Tammsaare’s Park, Tallinn

If I go shopping I try not to have anything particular in mind, because you’ll never find it and it just ruins your mood. I shop a lot during the sales; this coat was bought during a one at Stockmann. It doesn’t matter, where you buy your clothes, what matters is that everything has this “something” that makes it your own.

Kaubamaja, Tallinn

My favourite look is sort if Mediterranean style mixed with surfer boho looks. Everything has to be really comfortable. I really like urban style too and it influences the whole fashion business. I love that you can design your own sneakers with Puma and Adidas. Sneakers can be comfortable yet really ‘now’ and fashionable


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The first jacket is really cool! I love what it's made from, so bright, yet looks really warm. Thanks for the pics!

11 February, 2008 19:22  
Anonymous silenna said...

Good work! Tallinn through your lens looks hip and stylish:)

22 February, 2008 22:50  

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