Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cosmopolitan’s Glamour Fair (Cosmo glämmilaat),Tallinn

My current sources of inspiration are pin-up girls and pictures, and of course space, but this has always been my favourite theme. Next spring my style is going to be a lot more feminine, I want to get many many dresses. Funny thing about overall local street style is that sometimes I think, wow, it has really improved, and the next second it is boring again.

Cosmopolitan’s Glamour Fair (Cosmo glämmilaat), Tallinn

Today I’m wearing a lot of black, so this bag can be a nice colourful touch. I wish there were more shops in Estonia and it would be easier to find cool clothes. I love to read fashion magazines and my favourite one is I:D. I like designers with their distinct style, such as Marc Jacobs and Vivienne Westwood.

Cosmopolitan’s Glamour Fair (Cosmo glämmilaat), Tallinn

My style is bit retro, but I always try to combine it with something modern so I would not look too vintage-y. I got this dress from a second-hand on Tartu mnt. and I love its floral pattern. I read Vogue, but trends usually don’t change my overall style. All my clothes have to have something ‘special’ inside them that would reflect my own personality.

Cosmopolitan’s Glamour Fair (Cosmo glämmilaat), Tallinn

I currently live in Denmark, in Estonia there isn’t much street style, because people are obsessed with what other people think. I wear whatever I find and I get my inspiration from that too. I don’t care much about what designers do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The first outfit is great, at first it didnt seem so special, but when you look more closely it has some amazing details!

Oh, and I love the last boots, does anyone know, where I could get them?

16 March, 2008 08:43  
Blogger Juliet said...

You always make so fabilous finds. The first girl was amazing.

juliet xxx

22 March, 2008 21:40  
Anonymous Women''s Denim and dresses at Nika Butik boutique said...

All the ragged attire looks good. I like most the first one, its more fashionable for me and in style compare to the other attire

25 March, 2008 09:26  
Anonymous cath said...

I love the vintage floral dress. Great find! By the way, I posted a link to Just Glitter Lust in my latest blog posting about Mados Infekcija. You can check it out at Thanks!

25 March, 2008 16:30  
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29 March, 2008 03:56  
Blogger artur said...

Kes need ekspressi pildid välja valis

06 April, 2008 11:06  
Blogger justglitterlust said...

to artur:
ekspressi toimetajad loomulikult.

08 April, 2008 08:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger purplesocks said...

Can't wait for you to post new pictures...

12 April, 2008 20:34  

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