Saturday, August 23, 2008

Narva str, Tallinn

I’m a beauty parlor’s owner and therefore I like to keep up with new trends in fashion and beauty. Best place to shop is London – whole fashion vibe there is really edgy and there are so many great shops and markets. I got this dress also somewhere abroad and I loved its cool shape.

A.Laikmaa str, Tallinn

I have always like pastel colours mixed with black. Pink has also been my favourite for a while now. I really like Liisi Eesmaa’s creations. She also uses pastel colours and the materials and shapes are so original and innovative. However, I also like minimalist clothes- I’m a big fan of Scandinavian style. Therefore I like to go shopping in Stockholm.

Narva str, Tallinn

My current favourite items are this jacket and these sneakers. I’ve always liked good shoes. Besides sneakers I also like good leather boots. My favourite colour is black and overall I prefer dark colours. New ideas come from films and magazines. Looks there are always very put together. Street style can also inspire, but it takes a lot of time to find someone, whose style would suit me too.

A.Laikmaa str, Tallinn

There are so many talented and innovative young designers in Estonia and therefore there is a huge potential to develop a distinct streetstyle here. My own style is a combination of minimalist cuts and colours. Due my mother’s job I get to read many magazines for free and I get many ideas from there. There are so many talented less-known designers; but I also love some big names like Marc Jacobs.


Anonymous James said...

Everybody looks great! I think Estonian street style is developing rapidly (my opinion is based on this blog). In big cities like London, New York overall style is still the same, but in these pictures and previous ones you can see developments.

27 August, 2008 18:12  
Anonymous Goldie said...

I'm in love with the dress (or is it a coat) that Kadi is wearing.

06 September, 2008 23:31  
Anonymous Kenny said...

There are some funky style's that are not my world but the last 3-4 photos's are realy good :)

03 February, 2009 17:59  
Blogger Replica Wholesales said...

Nice Dressing style and nice people.

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17 February, 2009 10:53  

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