Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm back from my short holiday in Tunisia and it was simply amazing there. I'll try to focus more on the blog and maybe I'll try some new formats of presenting street and personal style.

There will be one other change too... In October I'm moving to England, because I'm starting university there so I'll mainly take pictures there.


Toompuiestee, Tallinn

I’m a fashion designer and my label is called Leçon De Vetement. I’m initially from San Francisco, but I have been living in Europe for a while now. When I travel, I love taking photographs and my flickr account is flooded with snaphots. Photos, books, history and historical places inspire my style. My favourite eras are 20’s and 30’s. Plant and animal motives are also a must-have. Hats are also my thing. I mainly design my clothes or shop at Ebay.

Uus str, Tallinn

I wish I had time to make all my ideas into clothes. I like to add some new details, for example some motives from paintings I’ve seen. This dress used to be a simple black-white plaid dress, but I don’t like too uniform-like clothes and I wanted to give it a more relaxed and artsy vibe. I like when people have different styles. One style I really enjoy is nu-rave, because I like strong colours, however, it isn’t something that I would wear.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Palju õnne Inglismaale ülikooli pääsemise puhul :)

19 August, 2008 15:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nicole is awesome!

25 August, 2008 13:40  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Nicole is my daughter!!

26 August, 2008 04:16  
Blogger kil said...

oot nagu mida, su blog on nii kuulus või mis?

30 August, 2008 17:25  
Blogger ldvnicole said...

thanks anonymous person and mom :)
thanks Just Glitter Lust!

05 September, 2008 03:30  
Anonymous rachel said...

I'm so sad you're moving. I live in Tallinn, but only just discovered your blog - love it!

09 September, 2008 02:02  

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