Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Lahe Str, Tallinn

I just noticed today how older people have started to wear so cool and quirky accessories – a lot of colours, neon coloured shoes and so on. It is great to see that. I’m actually from Tartu and one of the organizers of Tartu’s ‘Müürilille täika’ (Müürilille flea market). Most of my clothes are vintage or second-hand. I just got this denim top from a second-hand in Helsinki, leggings are from Humana, and the bag is from some other thrift store. Because most of my clothes are second-hand, I’m not that concerned with what is going on at the moment in the fashion world. Then again, maybe it is quite usual in Estonia that people are doing their thing and don’t care what is in. Besides second-hand, I love American Apparel.

Laikmaa Str, Tallinn

I’m originally from Japan, but I partly live in Paris and then partly here in Tallinn, where I’m working on an architecture project. I think I’m still very strongly influenced by Japanese designers and artists, especially by some I have worked with. It is great to see the work process and how they get inspired. When talking about my personal style, I would describe it as neutral, natural and adaptive to the environment I’m in. I like to change my outfit by adding and changing accessories. Today it is all about this scarf. My favourite designer is Issey Miyake.

Tammsaare’s Park, Tallinn

I try to think green and “recycle” clothes – these trousers and shirt used to belong to a friend and I buy a lot of second-hand clothes. Also, I make my own jewellery, for example, this necklace today. It is important to understand what kind of message your clothes are sending and that first impression is also based on what we wear. I’m not sure how many Estonians think about that, especially those women who wear those nonexistent skirts and tops. When choosing what to wear, I usually pick a piece I really like and build everything else upon it, for example, today, I wanted to wear these corduroy trousers and these leg warmers, and then I just added everything else.


Anonymous Kristi said...

Love love LOVE the first outfit!

08 July, 2009 10:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find Tsuyoshi's idea of being natural, neutral and adaptive really fascinating and I might try it.

Oh, also, it is great to read that so many people are really into green stuff and second-hand clothes.

thanks for the pics xxx

09 July, 2009 15:00  
Blogger Jarmo K said...

heh, see tsuyoshi on päris tuntud arhitekt, projekt mida ta siin mainib on eesti rahva muuseumi uus hoone (:

11 July, 2009 15:19  

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