Thursday, December 06, 2007


Sorry that I haven't been updating so often as before, but bad weather has been taking its toll on Estonian street style. Too much mud, rain and snow aren't the best option for cool clothes.
Anyway, this week I went to Cambridge, England and took some pictures there. I hope you'll enjoy! Rain seems to follow me, so I couldn't take as many pictures I wanted there too.
Thank you for voting at Street Clash. We are doing really well. If we win, we'll be in the final round!


Cambridge, England

I shop at second-hands and charity shops. The best ones in Cambridge are near Grafton Centre My favourite is Oxfam, which has a great bridal section. Every time I go there, I need to remind myself that I don’t need a wedding gown. I’m also a big fan of street style and blogs. I also read Just Glitter Lust. I like street style, because it is more real.

Cambridge, England

I’m a dancer so I wear whatever is comfortable and keeps me warm. My recent favourites are also Doc Martens. I rarely shop here in Cambridge. I really like London’s and Bristol’s fashion because everyone is going for their own look. One thing I absolutely dislike about British style is that everyone is wearing jeans all the time.

Cambridge, England

I like the Sixties’ style and especially British style at that era. The current nu-rave trend is shit, because it ain’t rave or house and therefore is a pointless concept. Cambridge has many charity shops and I usually shop there. Ideas and inspiration comes from nu-wave French films from the 50’s and 60’s.

Cambridge, England

I hate clothes with logos and it is awful to see people with D&G or Cavalli written everywhere. The most important aspect of good clothing is a good shape. If cut is bad, you will look bad. I think pop culture as a whole can be very inspiring and innovative.
For my everyday clothes, I shop at Topman or H&M.

Cambridge, England

I have a passion for value. This coat comes from Asda, but if you are good at combining it with other things, no-one will understand. My mother got it from me and now tries to nick it. She has a great taste. My favourite colour is grey, but I like to have some splashes of colour. I’m a big fan of students’ style, because it is more wearable. Fashion mags usually promote clothes that look good only on stick-thin models.


Blogger altamiranyc said...

I like the camera angle on Ellie and Katie's pic. Not only does it temporarily quench my thirst for all things European because of the background, but the upward tilt of the camera towards the subjects suggests that they important, lengthens and therefore flatters their legs, and creates an overall great picture. IMHO

11 December, 2007 05:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i live in cambridge and can back up these people when they say cambridge charity shops are good... but they're getting expensive, and are normally ransacked by students! so exciting to see a post from cambridge though!

11 December, 2007 17:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nice pics, people look cute plus the architecture seems gorgeous...

08 March, 2008 18:11  

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