Friday, July 11, 2008

Viru Gates, Tallinn

In Estonia it is a common belief that your life will be a lot easier when you are modest and don’t dominate. This also reflects through clothes that are worn. I’m hippy at heart and like being around artistic people. I study at Estonian Academy of Arts and people there are very inspiring. I like wearing dresses, but I also find items from menswear, especially I like men’s watches.

Nunne str, Tallinn

I like Swedish minimalist style. Very few colours are used, but clothes have interesting shapes and textures. I also like Swedish designers, for example Filippa K. I mainly wear white, grey or black, but this summer my favourite item is a red bubble skirt. I’m also bit obsessed with all different kind of shoes. I like heels, but also these boots I’m wearing today.

Tammsaare’s Park, Tallinn

Long and oversize shirts and tops have a firm place in my wardrobe - I cannot stand mini tops. My newest purchases are different tights, of course black ones are a staple, but I also love ones with different patterns. I like wearing clothes my way, but ideas for updates I get from street style blogs, I sometimes browse this one, but I also like French blogs.

Müürivahe str, Tallinn

My style is very relaxed and colour oriented. I choose my clothes based on colour and it is much more important than actual shapes. I get ideas from different subcultures, music and films. I sometimes also see what is going on in fashion, but it isn’t as important source for ideas. This summer I love oversize shirts and also empire-cut tops.


Anonymous said...

Love Ann's haircut!

12 July, 2008 04:20  
Blogger altamiranyc said...

Brilliant composition on the first picture. I love her glasses.

12 July, 2008 07:38  
Blogger Frankfurt Fashion said...

so nice pictures! i can´t stop watching them

12 July, 2008 11:46  
Blogger Elisabeth said...

Wow; just discovered your blog and have to tell you how wonderful it is!

17 July, 2008 16:58  
Blogger ting-wai said...

I love Johanna's look. Simple but so fashionable for a saturday afternoon stroll.

19 September, 2008 05:55  

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