Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lauluväljak (Songfestival Ground), Tallinn

I want my clothes to be casual and comfortable, but they need to have some edge. My favourite international designers are John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood, but there are very many young and talented Estonian designers emerging. I just got these Nike sneakers and I love them.

Lauluväljak (Songfestival Ground), Tallinn

My favourite colour is grey, so quite anonymous. I just bought a grey suit. Today I am laid-back, because it is a beer-fest and no need to dress up here. If I want to update my wardrobe, I see what other people are wearing. My favourite labels are J.Lindeberg, Brunz Bazar and Diesel.

Lauluväljak (Songfestival Ground), Tallinn

Today I am wearing so many warm clothes, because Estonian weather is unpredictable. Therefore it is hard to have a summery style, when you need to still have all winter clothes ready. I recently had my hair done. I went from black to light brown. In summer you should be in lighter shades.

Lauluväljak (Songfestival Ground), Tallinn

In my opinion clothes reflect your personality and tell a lot what kind of person you are. I just got off from stage and therefore I am bit dressed up. Every now and then I like to do my own clothes. Ideas come from here and there.

Lauluväljak (Songfestival Ground), Tallinn

I really dislike colours and most of my clothes are black, white and a few are brown. I don’t find many clothes from second-hands; maybe I am not satisfied with the quality. In Estonia my favourite is Mango, but every summer I go to Russia and there are really cool small shops. I got these shoes from there for around 25 kroons.

Lauluväljak (Songfestival Ground), Tallinn

Today I am head-to-toe in second hand clothes, oh, except these shoes that I got from Spain. I love all colours, but maybe I just prefer green bit more and white bit less than others. I really like Anna Sui, because her creations are as eclectic as I am.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don`t know anything about fashion, but the blog is really awesome:)

12 July, 2007 21:43  

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