Sunday, July 08, 2007

Lauluväljak (Songfestival Ground), Tallinn

I just got back from Manchester, grabbed first clean clothes from my bag and ran here. My style is laid-back and about mixing different styles. I really like Mischa Barton’s and Nicole Richie’s style. I think Estonians aren’t brave enough to wear more daring clothes.
Lauluväljak (Songfestival Ground), Tallinn

Unusual and unique use of accessories is very important aspect of my style. I would love to become a fashion designer or stylist. My style is influenced by Patricia Field’s work and I love designers such as John Galliano, Stella McCartney and Viktor & Rolf.

Lauluväljak (Songfestival Ground), Tallinn

I am not trying to be original, but I think appearance reflects our personality and therefore we are all unique. I have rasta hairstyle, because it is really comfortable and easy to handle. My favourite shop is Croptown at Ülemiste’s.

Lauluväljak (Songfestival Ground), Tallinn

I really like Estonian designers and I am interested in fashion as a whole. My favourite designer duo is MAKI. I used to wear a lot of black, but one friend of mine found it weird and now I try to go for lighter shades.

Lauluväljak (Songfestival Ground), Tallinn

This summer my favourite colours are warm, for example orange and yellow. I also like long t-shirts. I’m a hip-hop dancer and therefore my clothes are comfortable, laid-back and good for dancing. I really like Miss Sixty and Hilfiger

Lauluväljak (Songfestival Ground), Tallinn

I’m really interested in fashion and I do fashion sketches to gather up ideas. I’ve been living in St.Petersburg for a while, but I’ll move soon to Thailand, so my style needs to change to suit another climate. My favourite label is Guess, it is stylish and not over the top.


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