Friday, July 13, 2007

Viru Str, Tallinn

I think I have a dress-fetish. I want to have them in every length and colour. I wish there were more shops in Tallinn, because the lack of stylish labels is having an effect on our street style. Luckily many young people are very creative.

Sakala, Tallinn

I do most of my shopping in second-hands. I like when people actually are bothered to put effort into finding something cool and stylish. My friends have similar views. I like darker shades and old-school clothes.

Viru Centre, Tallinn

About six months ago I dyed my hair from blonde to dark and since then I have been wearing a lot of black. I think for one’s style it is essential to go abroad once in a while, because you can get so many ideas while travelling. After a trip I always have a way quirkier style than usually.

Harju Str, Tallinn

I work as a buyer so I need to keep up with the newest trends. This summer my favourite colour is red. I’ve never liked red before, but somehow with every season my favourite colour changes. Today I am wearing Miss Sixty and Replay.

Viru Str, Tallinn

The best ideas come from the streets. If you take something from one person and something from another, you can develop your own style. My friends say that my style is relaxed and simple yet cute.

Egeli & Sass,
Tammsaare’s Park, Tallinn

Egeli: I like to shop in second-hands and I really like Japanese street-style. I don’t understand “trendy” people, they all look the same. One should try to be unique.
Sass: My favourite shops are Reede and Surfhouse. I think my style is affected by my friends. They tell me where the best shops are and things like that.


Blogger brooke said...

i love how you get quotes from the people you take photos of, very insightful!

14 July, 2007 00:02  
Blogger rosemary said...

never thought the kids in estonia would be so stylish! everybody looks really cool and laid-back.

14 July, 2007 01:38  
Blogger jihyuck said...


im shin. from NM media, korea

i forgot to answer your question

about sending you some mazazine

you contributed.

of course. we`ll send you that every single month to estonia.

ok. that`s it.

im wating on your answer.

have a nice day!


14 July, 2007 01:54  

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