Thursday, July 19, 2007

Viru str, Tallinn

Usually I am not so colourful, but today I am really in a good mood. Mood is a major factor in fashion. Estonians have become more satisfied with their lives and are happier, and this could be seen in street style. People are braver in their fashion choices

Musumägi, Tallinn

My favourite colour is green. People should pay more attention to what they are wearing. I think it is important to be stylish. I think it is easy to copy celebrities, but then you’ll lose your own identity. Luckily my style is too different.

Vanaturu kael, Tallinn

This summer I absolutely adore high-waisted jeans and skirts. I prefer more classical shapes and most of the time less is more. I try to avoid wearing too much jewellery. Price/quality relationship is important to me. I also love window-shopping!

Maria & Cathrine,
Vanaturu kael, Tallinn

It is important to have your own style that you feel comfortable in. We like to wear tights and long tops. We come from Norway and street style there is quite different. It is much more relaxed there, while women here tend to wear too tight and too short clothes.

Tammsaare’s park, Tallinn

I really like flowy tops and shorts. At the moment my favourite colour is brown, but as it is summer I also wear a lot more bright colours. I really like to go through different magazines and look what different celebs are wearing. You can get great ideas from them

A.Laikmaa str, Tallinn

The most important pieces of clothing in my wardrobe have to be jeans. I think I have them in every colour. I used to wear a lot of black in spring, but now it is summer. I live in Tartu and when I compare street style there with Tallinn, I must admit people here are way braver.


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the 1st girl looks so bright & amazing

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