Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Aleksanterinkatu, Helsinki, Finland

I love dresses and interesting details. I got this oversized dress from Helsinki 10 and I work there too. Last thing I got was one Marimekko dress that hasn’t hit the stores yet and it looks great. Friend of mine says I have a good eye for combining clothes.

Aleksanterinkatu, Helsinki, Finland

Usually I describe my style with just one word – minimalism. I guess it can be also described as androgynous dandy/gentlemen. I do have favourite designers, but I don’t like name-dropping. My clothes tend to be black, white or grey.

Aleksanterinkatu, Helsinki, Finland

Many of my clothes come from second-hands, but there are also many shops and brands I love. This bag was a great bargain from a second-hand. I want to be unique. Nonetheless I have a soft spot for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Beckhams.

Ylioppilasaukio, Helsinki, Finland

My style has always been bit hippie bohemian, but as time has passed, it has changed to be more me and more natural. Mischa Barton has similar style and therefore I sometimes get ideas from her outfits. My favourite colour is brown.

Aleksanterinkatu, Helsinki, Finland

Thanks to Hel-Looks Finnish street style has become so popular and I guess it is because people here are really tolerant and don’t care what other people wear. It usually takes about an hour to get ready, but then I end up wearing just whatever is comfortable. I rarely go to second-hands, because it takes too much time to find something from there.

Aleksanterinkatu, Helsinki, Finland

I’m actually from Lahti and there aren’t many shops there, so I come down here for shopping. I like high-street labels and I value clothes that have a good fit and are comfortable. I think Scandinavian style is different and better than in Southern Europe.


Blogger Candid Cool said...

2) His style is right up my alley, esp. that he said his clothes tend to black, white, or grey
3) That hat & bag are magnificent.

22 July, 2007 05:57  

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