Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tammsaare’s Park, Tallinn

I tend to notice very simple outfits – a pair of well-fitting jeans with a simple t-shirt is always a winner. I usually add some colourful details to otherwise plain clothes. Today I wear a bright necklace, but I also like spicing things up with a scarf. I don’t really read fashion magazines, but style there is always bit over the top and therefore isn’t really something I would wear.

Tammsaare’s Park, Tallinn

I’m actually just visiting Tallinn and I’m from Sweden. I like how Swedish people dress, but many people there look the same and lack originality. People are bit too trend-orientated. Although I don’t really know how to define and describe my style, I like to read fashion magazines, such as Elle, to get new ideas and update my wardrobe.

Viru str, Tallinn

One thing that I like about street style is that you can always see so many different people with different tastes. You can’t really say that two people have exactly the same style. When it comes to my style, I like wearing colourful clothes. My current favourite colour is red. At the moment I can’t think of anything I would really like to get, but if I want something, I’ll go and find it somewhere.


Blogger Cyn Wexler said...

I have to tell you that though I love the last outfit, the first outfit's purse is just awful. Very bad 80's.

31 July, 2008 21:22  
Blogger justglitterlust said...

well I think she looked great and carried it off fine :) It is all about trying different things

31 July, 2008 23:09  
Blogger Eliise said...

I have to agree that the purse looked just fine on her, I would like to own a purse like that. :)
I found this blog thanks to a magazine, Anne maybe which I don't usually read so I'm lucky I happened to read the number which had the article featuring this site. I think it's great to see the people featured here whom I usually see in the streets. Maybe I wouldn't be so fond of this page if the pictures were mostly from other countries but the fact that they are the same people I see, some of them even my acquaintances, when I visit the city center, it's just amazing.
I hope you keep updating and don't get tired of it! :)

04 August, 2008 14:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok ok, this isn’t purely a second hand-post but I simply have to rant about the estonian streetstyle-blog Just Glitter Lust !

I’d completely missed that our estonian neighbours were so stylish and even better; second hand and vintage seems to be as popular in Estonia as in Sweden. So they aren’t only stylish - they’re smart to.

Kommentera (2) | Publicerat i Allt annat

04 August, 2008 18:11  

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