Saturday, February 17, 2007


I think of my style as 'new-wave' and smart. In winter it is difficult to get ideas from European street and celebrities' style, because the weather can get so horrible. My summer style is much more adventurous. Nicole Richie has a great relaxed style. I like to go shopping to Norway and I get most of clothes from there. Young Estonians tend to wear too sporty clothes and they should experiment more.

Viru Str , Tallinn

My style is a bit bohemian, but I also like the 80's. There aren't many famous people, whom style I admire, but I identified with Carrie's from Sex and the City. I also get ideas from my mother and friends. I like bargain hunting at second-hand shops and flea markets. Today I am wearing boots that cost around 10 kroons (~1$).

Viru Centre, Tallinn

I make most of my clothes, for example this jacket is designed by me. This season yellow is going to be big, but it is not for me. I like white, black and red. This season I am channeling some sort of combination of British tuxedos and bling. My style idol is Dima Bilan. Well, at least when it comes to my hairstyle.