Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cosmopolitan’s Glamour Fair (Cosmo glämmilaat),Tallinn

My current sources of inspiration are pin-up girls and pictures, and of course space, but this has always been my favourite theme. Next spring my style is going to be a lot more feminine, I want to get many many dresses. Funny thing about overall local street style is that sometimes I think, wow, it has really improved, and the next second it is boring again.

Cosmopolitan’s Glamour Fair (Cosmo glämmilaat), Tallinn

Today I’m wearing a lot of black, so this bag can be a nice colourful touch. I wish there were more shops in Estonia and it would be easier to find cool clothes. I love to read fashion magazines and my favourite one is I:D. I like designers with their distinct style, such as Marc Jacobs and Vivienne Westwood.

Cosmopolitan’s Glamour Fair (Cosmo glämmilaat), Tallinn

My style is bit retro, but I always try to combine it with something modern so I would not look too vintage-y. I got this dress from a second-hand on Tartu mnt. and I love its floral pattern. I read Vogue, but trends usually don’t change my overall style. All my clothes have to have something ‘special’ inside them that would reflect my own personality.

Cosmopolitan’s Glamour Fair (Cosmo glämmilaat), Tallinn

I currently live in Denmark, in Estonia there isn’t much street style, because people are obsessed with what other people think. I wear whatever I find and I get my inspiration from that too. I don’t care much about what designers do.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Kuldnõela Gala, Tallinn

I like designers with their own signature style and quality also matters. My favourite designer from Estonia is Ivo Nikkolo. Another designer I love is Vivienne Westwood and I’m wearing her jacket and shoes today. A couple of years ago I had a great opportunity to work for her too. My favourite colour is black, because it always looks good and it suits almost any occasion.

Kuldnõela Gala, Tallinn

Since I was a child, I love to be in the center of attention. My mother used to work at Pirita’s cinema, which is closed now, and I always entertained the filmgoers. Therefore I wear more theatrical clothes. I don’t care whether people like them or not. I made this dress. I found this fabric first and I had to have it. I think this twiggy-esque design makes this pattern pop out.

Kuldnõela Gala, Tallinn

If I have time, I try to do my own clothes. My friend Andreas made this shirt for me. I am studying fashion and my designs are inspired by my travels to different cities and cultures - Barcelona, Berlin… I try to avoid labels, but my favourite designers are Hedi Slimane and Vivienne Westwood.

Kuldnõela Gala, Tallinn

If I’m really desperate for something new and cool, I’ll design and sew it myself. For example, today I wanted a cool shirt for tonight and I did this one and one for my friend Julia in like 2 minutes. I like experimenting with black fabrics. I like to see how different fabrics look under different light conditions. Estonian fashion is bit dull, because most of the designers worry more about marketing their designs than about their actual designs.

Kuldnõela Gala, Tallinn

I regularly go through all the street style blogs, but one thing disturbs me – most of them are too trend-orientated, I’d like to see more different styles. I get my clothes from second-hands and charity shops, and because I work in one I can easily find the best pieces. I don’t want to name any particular designers I like, but I used to like Stella McCartney, but now her eco-friendly clothes have started to annoy me.

Kuldnõela Gala, Tallinn

I like experimenting with shapes and cuts. The more I’m in fashion business, the sillier and more extravagant clothes I prefer. I also buy the cheapest labels I can. Fashion shouldn’t be taken so seriously. My favourite designer is Jeremy Scott, because his designs are also over-the-top.

Kuldnõela Gala, Tallinn

It is not about the designers, but their designs. I don’t care much about popular brands and if possible I try to avoid them. Another aspect that matters is that my clothes have to be comfortable. I’m looking forward to summer when I can wear sandals. I recently dyed my hair darker and after that I have started to wear darker clothes too. Today I’m wearing only black, but I usually try to add some colour too.

Martin and Hans,
Kuldnõela Gala, Tallinn

Hans: My overall style always remains the same, but when seasons change, I add some new splashes of colour. I prefer more classical pieces. My favourite brand has to be Diesel.
Martin: I really like John Galliano’s creations. His designs are always very creative and can be bit over-the-top. You should never go for the tip to toe Galliano look, but you can adapt some details and ideas into your own wardrobe.