Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Earlham St, London

My current favourites are these dungarees, but I'm looking for a nice pair of leather shorts and trousers, and perhaps also creepers. However, I always try to dress these kind of items down with floral prints or something feminine. I would not call her a style icon, but I like how Katy Perry always looks feminine, but wears absolutely crazy clothes. Here in London there are so many places to get cool vintage clothes, my favourites being shops on Brick Lane, but if I had money, I would love to buy more Chanel and Chloé. I don't think it is that bad to spend a lot of money on shoes, handbags and accessories, because they don't really go out of fashion and you will have them for years. However, I do hate shoes like the UGG boots and All Saints' 'Doc Martens'-wannabe boots, because everyone has them and they are just plain ugly

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shelton St, London

Most, if not all, my clothes come from vintage stores like Rokit, Beyond Retro and high-street, especially, Topshop. Student budget really dictates what you can and what you can't wear, but there is still so much to choose from, especially in a city like London, and you can really get innovative. This season I love floral patterns and sort of 'picnic-y' style. However, I don't really think about defining my style or looking for specific pieces as you never know what you will come across in vintage shops. That's why I really like someone like Alexa Chung, whose style is a mishmash of vintage, designer and different trends and styles. I love reading Vogue, but I also enjoy pages like lookbook.nu as they just give you an idea how to be more innovative with your personal style, so, a mixture of editorials and reality.