Friday, January 26, 2007

Bianca, Minna and Jessica
Viru Str, Tallinn

Bianca : "I like unique pieces. As I come from Stockholm, I usually shop at Skindeep and c/o stockholm. My style icons are Kate Moss and Jackie Kennedy. "
Minna : "I think I have really relaxed style and I really like shopping at Zara."
Jessica: "I like to read fashion magazines for ideas, for example Elle, but I also watch fashion tv. "

Tammsaare's Park, Tallinn

"I am studying art and doing a Master's degree, but to be honest, I am not so interested in fashion. However, beautiful and comfortable shoes are the most important of all. I think I am pretty ordinary and usually shop in second-hands."

PS. Although she said her style is nothing special, we think she looked really cool. AND she had one of the most amazing boots we have seen in a while.
Some pictures from ERKI fashion show:

Saturday, January 20, 2007

ERKI Fashion show

"I work as an artist and everything inspires me.
Lately I have noticed that communication itself is such an
inspiring process! People are so different and make me think
about things I never thought were important. The most interesting
side of fashion is streetstyle, because as I said before, people
are so different and have different tastes. My favourite label is

ERKI Fashion show

"I like clothes that have this strange vibe. At first place I
might hate something, but very often I keep on thinking about it
and then I have to buy that thing. I am not into worldwide brands,
because so many people have them and I prefer more unique pieces.
Luckily, Estonian fashion is improving every year."

ERKI Fashion show

"I work as a designer at Marat so I came here to see all these new
talents. This year, unfortunately, entertainment value seems more
important than the clothes, although some collections are gorgeous.
I am really into jersey minidresses that are really popular in London."

Joonatan & Maria
ERKI Fashion show

"(Maria)I change styles depending on my mood. At the moment
I am feeling for sportswear and this is why I am wearing this
swimsuit as a top, but I do hope this is just a phase. I usually
shop at different second-hand shops.
(Joonatan) I used to wear much more conspicuous clothes, but nowadays
I'd rather stay unnoticed. I get a lot of ideas from music videos,
especially ones from the 80's."

Viru Str

"We come from Sweden so we get most of our clothes from there. Our styles are complete opposites. While I ( girl on the right)
choose my clothes based on how comfortable they are, she is willing
to wear almost everything till it is fashionable. She also likes to
experiment with accessories much more than I do. One thing that we
have in common is that we both really like H&M."