Friday, October 27, 2006

Radisson SAS, Tallinn

My style is sort of neo-bohemian - I like to try bizarre things, but they have to have a modern touch. Estonia has pretty decent second hand stores, but if I am abroad I always go to Miss Sixty. I really hate that big fashion labels bring here so boring pieces. If I need any inspiration, I browse I:D, because it embodies my style so well.

Viru Str

I think I have very stylish friends, who affect my own style a lot. I get new ideas from them, but also from different Estonian fashion magazines like for example Avenüü and Stiil. I love the colour combination of black, brown and gold and wear that often.

Bashment, Club Von Krahl

I enjoy the 40s, 50s and 60s and everything retro. I am my own inspiration.

Viru Str

I balance myself between subtle styles of goth, punk and bohemian.For inspiration I just bought a book named "Fruits", so at the moment I am obviously into Harajuku style. I also like Estonian designers like Triinu Pungits. Clothes have to be comfortable, though very often I end up wearing things just for their effect. In Estonia I like to shop in Hoochi Mama and I also like to buy second hand clothes. I definately advocate Estonian fashion.

Viru Str

I prefer clothes that have a classical shape. It is not about feeling comfortable, clothes can squeeze and hurt, if they look amazing. I like Victor&Rolf, and in Estonia I like to shop in Zara.I also design clothes myself and let my tailor make them for me. I get inspiration from Lately I seems that Estonians try too hard, but it should come more naturally. People should mix different trends of different seasons not go to first shop and buy whatever is there.