Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Viru centre, Tallinn

I recently spent 3 months travelling the world. I’m a happy person and I want my clothes to reflect that. Usually I get things tailored, e.g. this coat. At the moment I’m designing a jacket with a heart motive to wear this spring. These boots are from Fornarina and are my current favourites. I wear them everywhere – here, where it is minus ten, and in Malta, where it is really warm etc. These earrings are really important to me as well, because I’m a hairdresser.

EKA, Tallinn

I’m from Germany, but I’m studying here. I survive this weather here by layering. To be honest, I don’t care much about fashion. I buy the same things year after year and they still look cool. People sort of adapt ideas from their surroundings and I go to an art school and concerts a lot. Though, I have my favourite sneakers’ label – Pro-Keds – I only wear their shoes.

Lounge UpUp, Tallinn

I have my own definite style and therefore I rarely look others for inspiration. Then again, if you see something new and hip on a beautiful person, you’ll start to like it more and want it too. In winter I wear a lot of black, because it helps you feel warm, while in summer I want to wear light shades. It takes a lot of time to find something in Estonia, but my favourite high-street shop is Zara.

EKA, Tallinn

My wardrobe is based on colours. Half of the year here is really gloomy and dull anyway, so people shouldn’t wear so much dark colours. Even if you wear black clothes, choose colourful accessories. This would improve local street style also. Another thing that is important is to find a nice coat. It shouldn’t be too short (you’ll be ill in no time) or too long (you’ll look twice your size).

Viru str, Tallinn

I always like to wear colourful clothes, but in winter I prefer bit darker shades. This year I’m really into beautiful structured coats, I never wore them before. It is so cold here in winter so I always wear gloves and a hat – can’t survive without them. Usually I know what I want to wear next season, like last year I was desperate for coloured jeans, but at the moment I haven’t thought about it.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Viru’s tunnel, Tallinn

I buy a lot of stuff from Tokyo. I used to study there, but I still often go there. I don’t know much about high fashion and it doesn’t matter – I like what my friends wear and get inspiration from them. At the moment I’m looking for a old-fashioned/vintage-like dress, but I haven’t found one I’d like.

Tammsaare’s Park, Tallinn

If I go shopping I try not to have anything particular in mind, because you’ll never find it and it just ruins your mood. I shop a lot during the sales; this coat was bought during a one at Stockmann. It doesn’t matter, where you buy your clothes, what matters is that everything has this “something” that makes it your own.

Kaubamaja, Tallinn

My favourite look is sort if Mediterranean style mixed with surfer boho looks. Everything has to be really comfortable. I really like urban style too and it influences the whole fashion business. I love that you can design your own sneakers with Puma and Adidas. Sneakers can be comfortable yet really ‘now’ and fashionable